(El Kawther)Al Kawthar area (Al Kawthar) is one of the most popular areas in Hurghada among the Russian-speaking population, as well as among residents of Western Europe. More than 50% of the residents of Al Kawthar (Al Kawthar) - are from the former Soviet Union (Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian), who have bought or rented property in the area.
(El Gouna)]El Gouna ("Egyptian Venice", "The Pearl of the Red Sea") - a city-resort, situated 30 km from Hurghada. Age of the resort - a little more than 20 years. During this time he has evolved from a deserted place in the city, which every year attracts more and more tourists and investors who want to buy apartments in El Gouna, or rent an apartment or villa in El Gouna.
Sahl HasheeshSahl Hasheesh - a new resort, located 20 km from Hurghada. Translated from the Arabic "Sahl Hasheesh" means "green valley". It should be noted that the name fully reflects the countryside.
Hurghada (El Helal).Hurghada (El Helal) - a new area of Hurghada consisting mainly of private villas.