Apartment without a balcony in Hurghada? I have an idea!What to do if the apartment is in Hurghada without a balcony? For example ...
In many countries in the world, the size of the premises specified in the contract, did not comply with this footage of the room. Similarly, in Egypt
Life in Hurghada is easy and pleasant!Even those who have never been in Egypt knows that Hurghada - ecologically clean zone. In the province of the Red Sea, there is no harmful production. There is always fresh air, bright sun always, always fresh vegetables and fruits. Life in Hurghada is easy and pleasant!
Why do you need a Realtor in Egypt?This profession has appeared for a long time, but still relevant to the realtors in two ways. Many people think that they do not need a realtor and believe that they themselves are well equipped with the necessary real estate search ...
Why buy flats in residential complexes in Hurghada?To those who are planning to buy property in Hurghada, always and inevitably dilemma. You can buy an apartment in a normal house, where from the entrance you will immediately fall into the street. And you can look at the apartment or studio in a residential area of Hurghada ...
How and why should reserve a property in Egypt.Let's say you have appreciated all the advantages of investing in the Egyptian real estate market and decided to buy an apartment or villa in Hurghada, El Gouna and Sahl Hasheesh.
When buying property in Egypt, there is an option to buy an apartment in Hurghada for several families or friends. And to be able to come to rest at a time into his apartment by the sea ... while spending a small amount. Under the laws of Egypt in the shopping real estate have the opportunity to arrange a property in equal shares to several owners, that is, the possibility of registration of the property for 3 or more persons ... When buying property in Hurghada so (when signing the preliminary contract) does not need to come all customers in Egypt. There may be one of the potential buyers, and the need to have copies of passports other owners .. Can be employed such language as "for himself and ..... (so and so) Signed ....... (such a ). "However, the sale of this property, issued on 2 or more persons without the presence of all the co-owners are given the opportunity. On signing the final contract in obtaining apartments, registration with the Department Representations and applying for legalization in court will be present both owner. By the way, then that you have for the future can learn from each other power of attorney to manage and dispose of the object. Such power of attorney you can issue already in place here in Hurghada Notaries
About the property in Hurghada said many, not so simple. The pitfalls a lot more than it may seem. If you decide to sell or buy your own apartment in Hurghada, first of all, you have to be very careful. In addition, you need to consider certain points, the laws, and just flavor of the local customs of Egypt. How to do it, with no experience or no knowledge of the language? then go ahead and look for a property where just attracted. And we will help you with this, advice based on years of experience of living in Egypt, Hurghada. And remember, money does not solve everything ... especially in Egypt
What is Taukil?After full payment for the acquisition of property in Hurghada, the Seller shall give you Taukil - an irrevocable power of attorney giving the right to own and dispose of property purchased.
Sahih and NAFAZ - registration of ownership of the property when the larger unit is not registered Green Contract. Ie, if the house is not registered on the Green Contract, and the customer has bought an apartment in a house and wants to register their property rights by all the rules, he (ie, his trusted lawyer) becomes notary public Shara Akari to conduct the registration of the property . Shara Akari examines documents submitted and states that the apartment such registration (Green Contract) is not possible, due to lack of Green Contract house where the apartment is located. And Shara Akari filed a lawsuit based on the location of the object, which indicates that violated the rights of a buyer who bought and paid for an apartment, but can not arrange their property. Court decides to restore the rights of the buyer. Shara Akari on the basis of the decision being registered "Sahih VA NAFAZ." Ie in fact it is "Green Green Contract Contract without the land or a house." The documents "Sahih VA NAFAZ" is displayed: building number, apartment number, floor area (prescribed real footage of apartments, villas) constituting the apartment (how many rooms, balconies, bathrooms, etc) should be prepared for a long time, is much more expensive than Sahih Tauken. Externally, they are also almost similar to CONTRACT GREEN