What is Taukil?After full payment for the acquisition of property in Hurghada, the Seller shall give you Taukil - an irrevocable power of attorney giving the right to own and dispose of property purchased.
Sahih and NAFAZ - registration of ownership of the property when the larger unit is not registered Green Contract. Ie, if the house is not registered on the Green Contract, and the customer has bought an apartment in a house and wants to register their property rights by all the rules, he (ie, his trusted lawyer) becomes notary public Shara Akari to conduct the registration of the property . Shara Akari examines documents submitted and states that the apartment such registration (Green Contract) is not possible, due to lack of Green Contract house where the apartment is located. And Shara Akari filed a lawsuit based on the location of the object, which indicates that violated the rights of a buyer who bought and paid for an apartment, but can not arrange their property. Court decides to restore the rights of the buyer. Shara Akari on the basis of the decision being registered "Sahih VA NAFAZ." Ie in fact it is "Green Green Contract Contract without the land or a house." The documents "Sahih VA NAFAZ" is displayed: building number, apartment number, floor area (prescribed real footage of apartments, villas) constituting the apartment (how many rooms, balconies, bathrooms, etc) should be prepared for a long time, is much more expensive than Sahih Tauken. Externally, they are also almost similar to CONTRACT GREEN
To buy a property in Egypt, it is not necessary to be a resident of this country. And this is an important aspect of Egyptian law, a foreign national can be a full-fledged owner of apartments, villas, land, commercial spaces in Egypt. Unlike some other countries, where he first must to buy a property to create a legal entity with a local resident (resident). But at the conclusion of a contract for the sale of real estate is always necessary to comply with the order and be attentive. What are the nuances and questions arise when it comes to buying a home in Egypt, Hurghada? Below we provide some tips, descriptions and excerpts from laws related procedure of buying property in Egypt, which will be useful to our real buyers.