An example for successfully furnished studio in Hurghada for 2 500 USD.Finally, your dream come true, you have bought an apartment in Egypt! To a new home purchased finished appearance in the fastest possible time and under the guidance of experienced professionals, we offer for everyone support in the organization of a full or partial furnishing of your property in Egypt.
Furniture in Hurghada. Furnished apartments in HurghadaIn Hurghada, a large selection of furniture. We propose to consider what some options and ideas for furnishing your apartment in Hurghada. The photo shows the furniture which are available.
Registration of the contract in court.Services offered: registration of the contract in court. In Arabic it is called " Sahi w taukiaa ." Registration is required before a court in the first instance with the purchase of second homes . The timing takes about 6 months. Your presence at the time of registration is not required. All makes our lawyer . At the end of the registration we we inform you.
Interior design and furniture in the studio complex Nubia Resort in Hurghada.Interior design and furnishings for the studio complex in Nubia Resort. At the request of our customers, we have prepared a juicy original interior design in green color, the color freshness and summer
Hurghada. Furnished apartments in a residential complex Nubia Resort Example furnishing an apartment in Hurghada, a residential complex Nubia Resort. Made little redecorating. Bought and installed furniture, chosen interior. The apartment is ready to rent. March 2014.