Quality repair in Hurghada

We will help you to solve any problems related to the repair.
We offer a price that will satisfies everyone.
Experience in repair work since 2006, makes the level of our professionalism even higher.
Our customers’ references are evidence of this fact.
Our company offers a full range of repairs at various levels:
• face-lift (cosmetic repair)
• Repair "Standard" - "turnkey"
• Repair "Standard Luxe" - "turnkey"
• Elite repair "standard super de luxe" - "turnkey"
With order for any work we sign the contract with the client, which determine the time-frame, prices.
Face-lift (cosmetic repair)
This is the easiest and most inexpensive type of repair. Face-lift the apartment may include, at the request of the customer, paint and plaster work, tile paving, partial replacement of electrical, plumbing equipment and other work.
This repair is recommended to give the apartment a good appearance, as well as before the sale, exchange or rent out.
Repair of apartments in new buildings "turnkey"
Modern apartment in new buildings deliver without any decoration. "Turnkey" repair - a thorough repairs with the preliminary finishing of the walls, floors, ceilings, etc.
Repair "Standard" - "turnkey"
• Agreement and implementation of planning (replanning)
• Electric wiring
• Plumbing work
• Plaster
• Framing (cornice)
• Coating
• Wooden doors «MOSK»
• Windows alyumital "SAAD" company, with mosquito netting. Choose of a color at your taste.
• Laying of ceramic tiles "GROUP CLEOPATRA" on the floor
• Laying of ceramic tiles "GROUP CLEOPATRA" in the kitchen (apron)
• Laying of ceramic tiles "GROUP CLEOPATRA in the bathroom on the entire surface of the walls and floor
• Placing the bathroom equipment of "GROUP CLEOPATRA" company.
• Marble coating on the bar
• Painting of ceiling with paint of "SIPES” company
• Painting of the walls with paint of "SIPES” company
• Removal of debris from the apartment

PRICE 1 m2 - 90 USD
(price is calculated from the actual footage of the apartment)
All work are performed within 45 calendar days.
Payment 80% during signing of the contract and 20% after finishing of work on receiving the key and acceptance of work.
The cost of materials is included in the cost of repairs!

The exact cost of repairs could be identified only after examining the flat.
The average repair’s time-frame on a turnkey basis for the apartment entirely:
1-room 5 weeks
2-room 6 weeks
3-room 7 weeks
Also perform all related works in your apartments, including the installation bathroom equipment, electrical equipment.
You can even order the finish being at home, in front of a computer, selecting all the materials from the catalogues available in the Internet!

Therefore -the repairs of apartments can afford anyone!
Call us - we give you the maximum time and try to solve all your problems associated with repair.
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